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julian skinner

Image by Phelan Marc

Who is “Julian Skinner?”

Julian Skinner is a simple man, that puts family first. He has four beautiful loving girls and a loving wife that support his love for photography. Before introducing his photography talent to the world, he spent about 4 years tailoring his craft.

His first digital camera was an Olympus C-2500L back in 1998. While is wasn’t the greatest compared to todays camera’s; it still produced some amazing images. During that time he was just a point and shooter, just using the camera to capture moments throughout his families life.

It wasn’t until about 2007 that he bought his first DSLR. He spent countless hours researching which manufacture he was going to invest in. It wasn’t until he held both a Canon Rebel and the Nikon D80 that he made his decision. He decided to go with the Nikon D80. He spent countless hours on a forum, that provided mounds of information and instant feedback.

Over the last year or so, he has managed to work with some great people in the industry, and had the ability to capture JUSS some amazing events ranging from the BET Honors to DC Fashion Week.

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